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Welcome: Join me in the steep learning curve ...

 I have found that I am sleeping better, am a little more relaxed with everyday stress ... all this is a big plus on top of my chronic pain management using CBD oils vs dependency on pain killer drugs.

 Join me in the steep learning curve about the many forms of CBD and CBD products, types of and their specific and sometimes different uses. Self education is most important when it comes to our bodies and our health.

 Quite possibly most important to you, as it was and is to me, is the selection of the right CBD products for our specific needs and health benefits you hope to gain. Also key to this discovery process is finding the correct dosage for your body, here is where many folks just give up as they can't find what works best for them. I use a diary and chart my own results. I hope my listings of hand picked sources will be of benefit to you.

 If unsure about using any CBD food product please consult a health professional first!


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You can Beat The Pain ...

 My hand picked listings of the better - superior CBD and CBG [CBGa] Oils and popular trusted providers.




 Welcome to my journey into the world of a CBD lifestyle. One of the major problems that CBD Oils, particularly Full Spectrum CBD Oil helps with is PAIN management among a list of many health issues. Our skin can benefit with the newly created SKIN CARE PRODUCTS. This exciting use of Natural Organic and Vegan Friendly Plants is opening another new chapter in our healthy living lifestyles. We no longer need to remain dependent on Man Made Drugs for many of our health related problems.




Water Based CBD Intimate Lube Sources

 Target your trigger zone, these intimate lubricant products may well put the Oh-La-La back in your sex life. Enjoying those most private moments is something every woman and man are entitled to do.


Kush Queen - https://tinyurl.com/9ny3bu7j

     GoLove - https://tinyurl.com/u2ju8pcc

     Quim - https://tinyurl.com/2ndusrvc

     'O' by Dani Pepper - https://tinyurl.com/nbzsax2b


Canniant - Pleasure https://tinyurl.com/rkb3m7e

     Browns - https://tinyurl.com/m5kjyu2p

     CBD Brothers - https://tinyurl.com/v88aw56b

     Amma Life CBD - https://tinyurl.com/ra249nmj



You Can Beat The Menstralcycle ...

  We all know someone be it a loved one, friend or workmate who suffer badly from menstralcycle pain. Cramps, spasms, pains and depression often accompany the monthly battle with the menstralcycle. Here Full Spectrum CBD oil can be of value to help lesson the symptoms for many women. CBD can be taken by drops, capsules, sprays, creams and even be added to your favorite hot or cold drink. When I started investigating CBD I had no idea of the range of positive benefits it has begun to bring to people from all walks of life and improved their lifestyles plus being a health benefit to them physically and mentally.




Visit the new SportsCBD Store

 CBD enters into the world of Sports with a BANG. Jogging, Walking, Biking, Swimming, Running, Rugby, Football, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Soccer, Tennis, Golf plus many more and Amateur Sporting to Professional Athletes Sports. 

 Whatever your favorite sports activity there may be times when your body becomes inflamed or injured as a result. This can prevent your participation in something you love and enjoy doing. More and more CBD infused products are coming to market for sporting injuries, muscle aches and joint pains. Further down this page you will find trusted U.K. and U.S.A. providers of CBD products for Sports. Much more to come on this topic as I gain factual information.

 NOTE: these products are not for those participating certain types of sports events where drug testing is required. This is an area that needs more research and study by the governing sporting bodies as to the affects of CBD and sister hemp products on ones physical performance abilities.




My CBD Journey Began

 Many like myself don't hide our attraction to CBD infused products for potential health benefits vs. taking prescribed drugs of which some do not really help all that much. Always consult your doctor first before taking anything containing CBD especially so if you are already taking medication for a health issue ('s). In these instances the CBD may not be good for your body and cause you harm.


 As this blog continues to expand in related topics and subject matter I will attempt to address those issues that are of most benefit and importance to all of us.

 My personal journey started due to chronic back pain post fall and subsequent corrective spinal surgery years later. Sometimes surgery can only prevent further damage. Thus my search began online for a more natural pain blocking food supplament to address the everyday pain that disrupts my lifestyle. When the pain elevates and can't be blocked mentally plus with the everyday use of my CBD oil  ... only then do I take my pills. My pill use had decreased considerably.

 Note that CBD is not a medication, will not provide a miricle cure and it is not guaranteed to work for everyone. Some folks say the use of CBD does not help but I suspect they may not have used the correct dosage for their body, this takes time to establish the necessary dosage.

 Definitions and article links for further reading:

What is Full Spectrum CBD?, This means that the product will include all of the other Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Favonoids found in the plant. Expect to find some traces of THC be they very low by law. **

What is Broad Spectrum CBD? This is essentially a full spectrum CBD with all the THC removed. **

Lastly what is Isolate CBD? This is as pure a CBD product as you can buy. With much of the plants natural chemicals removed it is not as effective as the Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD for some people.

(**) Keep this in mind for Sporting Drug Testing.


 What I have discovered in my ongoing journey with CBD:

 The CBD market is literally exploding with new providers almost every week. Many inovative health and beauty products have emerged with CBD. Some provider sources are full of hype to draw you in to their marketing messages, others are almost greedy and prices beyond what the product is really worth in a competitive open market.

 Find out what customers have to say about the source provider and their products, word of mouth remains the best way to find out before you check out and pay.

 The correct dosage to start with and the best dosage for you. Here you must start some type of recording your dosage routine and any evident results you note. What works just fine for a friend may or may not do the same for you and your body. Taking too little or taking too much each day may cause you to stop taking CBD. You want to do this objectively and use recommended dosages ( dosage charts are available online ) use them and do not stick to what it says on the products box as this may not be right for you. Be objective and keep good records of your use for later reference as and when needed.

 I have noted a selection of providers ( shown below ) that may be worlth your time considering or as examples that I was impressed by with their business practices and ethos  I do not recommend any one provider over another. After selection as a responsible CBD provider for my listings I then became an affiliate with some of the providers. I may receive credit for the sale of some products but this is at no extra cost to your purchase.

 Changes I have noted are that I sleep better most nights and am a little more relaxed under everyday stress situations. I am evaluating any noteable pain reduction as my spinal pain varies based on my activity and time of day.

 I do test selected cbd oils and evaluate their possible affects and any results I noted in / to my body. Please look for my [T1] Tested & Evaluated Prefix below. The listings shown below do not have any negative concerns to the best of my knowledge.

 Third party lab testing results of the producs are very important to you the user. The lab results should be posted on the sellers website. More reading on this.

  Opening up a new topic CBD Intimate Oil or Oils as some might say. Appears to be too little discussed on the impact of its use and benefit on the private lives of women and men. Found a company in Scotland who are producting a new Vegan Intimate CBD Oil, they are Cannafull .

  If you care to contribute on this topic [or any related topic] and share your intimate cbd oil story please get in touch by email, I uphold a no SPAM policy and respect your email address privacy. Names need not be published upon request.  desk@mycbd.blog

 The subjects of Pain Management and Anxiety appear to be among the major physical health and mental health issues of our lifestyle in today's world. Many people suffer in silence and even our close friends and loved ones sometimes do not know we are suffering and looking for answers. CBD appears to be answering more and more people in their calls for help and relief. I take CBD oils now every day, how about you?

 Making any day more manageable is pure joy for many folks. Stress relief and Anxiety can be better managed for some with the assistance of taking CBD oils. It is said Headaches / Migraines can be the direct result of stress and anxiety. Does this sound like someone you know at work or home?

 Migraines are another area that CBD Oils appear to be helpful and reduce the pain or lessen the number of events. I would like more input here from those that suffer with migraine headaches.

 Stay on top of your game using CBD Oils every day. Anxiety, poor sleep and the stresses of work can get you down quickly. Healthy living and food supplaments can make a difference.

  3 Jun 2021 submission from SAA (his initials) CBD Oil and Pain Management -

 "Let me share with you my latest experience with you over the past week with the 450 CBD oil from this company. I take this oil daily. Half a pipette in the morning, another half in the afternoon. It’s great for my joints and mid-life niggling pains...My Wife is a bit sceptical, but, doesn’t knock it. A major Op last week she had, I won’t go into detail, but I persuaded her to help herself to doing the same as me. She was released from hospital with a load of Pharmacy pain relief, wasn’t really touching her pain threshold and talked her into taking the 450 with me....Marvellous results. She’s not entirely pain free, but her pain threshold is manageable more so than popping the pharmaceuticals and not getting the griping pains and cramps she was experiencing. Worth every penny." ---33---

  4 Jun 2021 submission from SAA (his initials) Follow Up comments by SSA, CBD Oil and Pain Management -

 "I swear by it (my name here). I’m a 47 year old Plasterer that takes quite a bit of punishment on a daily basis. I no longer get knee pain that used to wake me up at night and also my blood pressure has dropped and no longer on them meds either. I’ve been taking it for 18 months now." ---33---

 Update on my chronic back pain after repeated daily use and careful doseage metering to find the optimum daily amount for my body. I can report to you that I am definitely noticing a reduction in my everyday pain and even absence of the low level pain from minor physical exercise. Colour me seriously happy again.

 Update on CBGa search - I found a CBG family farm store that impressed me, they grow and process their organic vegan special hemp on the Colorado farm. I will be testing their products on myself and posting here. See U.K. and U.S.A. listings below please.


 SENSUAL ALL NIGHT LONG Water based CBD lubricant products for increased sensual stimulation and enjoyment to assist men and woman in the natural fulfillment to achieve the peak of sexual pleasure by orgasm. These products can put the Oh-La-La back in your sex life. Spotlight: Kush Queen Water Based Lubricant is for everyone, every time. This bedroom essential was designed to provide all-natural moisture, with 30mg broad-spectrum CBD to enhance arousal, soothe and excite. Instead of having a coconut oil base, as many other products do, it’s water based. Because it’s water based, you don’t have to worry about the product getting gummy or sticky during or after use.

 Know of another brand of water based lubricant with CBD you would recommend to a friend, email the editor.



 Mary Biles has written a very fine book titled " The CBD Book: The Essential Guide to CBD Oil". I could not not list this book, the publishers quotes follow below.

 "CBD is the biggest word in wellness right now. This book will demystify the subject in an accessible way." "Sales of products containing CBD products have skyrocketed by 99 per cent in the UK in the past two years. Used in a variety of health and beauty products, CBD is now becoming ubiquitous on the high street."  "This book, from a leading CBD expert aims to wade through the research and explain what CBD is, conditions it can help, how it can be used and the best ways to administer it. Case studies will illustrate some of the incredible stories around CBD."  Purchase options


  The folks at Project CBD teamed up with the editors of Reader’s Digest for this excellent publication - "The Essential Guide to CBD". Essential-guide-cbd


 More Food For Thought - A book "Pain Nation" by Klee Irwin and you definitely want and need to read no matter where you may live on this planet. https://pain-nation.com/


 Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians, Principles and Practice, Author Dustin Sulak, D.O. Available on Amazon [ don't let the title scare you off ]


 Have information you believe belongs on this community blog, please contact the editor here.  Mailto: desk@mycbd.blog


Thank you for reading, more to come so don't be a stranger, pop by weekly and oh yes ... please tell a friend or three about this blog.



My reader numbers continue to increase weekly since this blog started back in May of 2021. I thank each of you for following and reading.

These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Always consult with a health professional before taking a CBD product.


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